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Arrival Day - Cairo

Your first day in Egypt will be mainly free day if you want to relax and take a rest from travelling disturbance.

You will arrive at the Cairo International Airport, where Egypt Day Tours representative will meet you and assist you through the immigration and offer you a direct transfer to your hotel. Enjoy a free day in the city if your time allows our representative will offer you some optional activities you can do if you are interested
Overnight at your selected Hotel and get ready for your 8 Days Egypt Budget Tours with Nile Cruise


Visit the Great Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

Breakfast - Lunch

At 8 am after your breakfast, you’ll meet your private guide for a morning of exploration in Cairo. The first stop of the day will be at the Great Pyramids of Giza which is the oldest monument of the ancient wonders. It is also the only one still exist until today. Pay attention to your guide as he tells you about how the pyramids had been constructed with very old and primitive techniques.

Pyramids were mainly built to house the remains of the deceased Pharaohs. Next, head to a panoramic view for all three pyramids of Giza to capture amazing photos that will last forever.  The following will be a visit to the Great Sphinx in Cairo, the guardian of the royal tombs. Have a peek to the Valley Temple of the Pyramid of Chephren.

Afterwards, a drive through the busy streets of Cairo to the final stop of the day ; the Egyptian Museum.  The Egyptian Museum of Cairo contains 120,000 artifacts. It houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities. An extensive collection of papyrus, Greek, Roman, and Islamic coins used in the Ancient world are located in the 1st floor.  The best statues you will see is the  Gold Mask of Tutankhamun. The room also host the famous collection of the young king as well as a lot of sarcophagi from different dynasties. These sarcophagi give us a brief about how rich the owners were.  Do not forget to have a loot at the Grave Mask of king Amenemope, Mummy mask of Psusennes I, Figurine of Khufu,  Narmer Palette, and Merneptah Stele .

Before you head back to your hotel, enjoy a city tour along the magnificent river Nile; later you will reach your hotel where your tour will end . Overnight in Cairo Hotel

There are various activities you can do in the evening like:

Overnight in your hotel in Cairo.


Nile Cruise (East Bank)

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

An early morning check out from the hotel followed by a transfer to be dropped off at the domestic airport towards your onward flight to Luxor. After you reach Luxor, set off on a guided tour visiting Karnak and Luxor Temples to Immerse yourself in the charm of the Egypt history

Karnak temple is not just a temple but it is a big open-air complex.  It comprises  a mixture of small temples, chapels, pylons, mosque, etc. the Construction of Karnak temple began during the Middle Kingdom and continued into the Ptolemaic period, but the most elegant Monuments dates back to the new Kingdom. The Hypostyle Hall area of 50,000 sq.  surrounded by 134 gigantic columns some of it reached 21 meters tall.

Almost every pharaoh of the 18th dynasty added a building or  a decorative wall to the temple site. Among the things you cant miss: A panorama of a frieze in the Precinct of Amun Re, Precinct of Mut, The Sacred Lake of Precinct of Amun-Re, Ramses II statue and Ram statues.

Next head to Luxor temple. It wasn’t dedicated to Gods worshiping, but  was dedicated to the kingship rejuvenation of where  old kings has  been crowned. Temple luxor was the place when Opet pharaonic Festival  was annually celebrated, Finally, finish your tour evening with a drop-off at your 5 star Nile cruise. Join your cruise; seize the moments and start getting to know new people on board of the cruise. Enjoy a touch of sunbathing and delight yourself with the views on both sides of the Nile as you travel through Egypt. Overnight in Cruise in Luxor.


Nile Cruise (West Bank)

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

(Optional ) Prepare yourself to enjoy the most spectacular experience of Luxor. A breathtaking adventure begins at sunrise when you arrive to west bank, fly in a Balloon tour over Luxor city and Nile River’s west bank. then back to your Cruise.

After Breakfast in your 5 start Nile Cruise,  follow your friendly guide’s program for today. You will begin in the Valley of the Kings and enter 3 fascinating tombs. Valley of kings  are rock cut tombs were excavated to be the burial tombs for the new Kingdom pharaohs and privileged nobles. It contains 63 tombs and chambers decorated with colorful scenes of ancient Egyptian mythologies, beliefs and funerary rituals.

Afterward, head to visit the Temple of Queen Hatshipsut, the only woman who ruled Egypt from pre dynastic history until today. The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut was dedicated to sun god worshiping and was the only 3 levels temples in ancient world. with its connecting ramps, Hatshipsut temple was a turning point in the ancient Egyptian architecture.

You will enjoy the wonderful reliefs illustrating the earliest trade agreement between 2 countries in the ancient history .

Your final stop will be at the colossi of Memnon, the Colossi is a twin massive statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III in a seated position. They were built to guard at the entrance of Amenhotep’s  memorial temple.  You will have a free time to snap photos of your favorite. Lunch on Cruise, depart from Luxor and sail towards Edfu. Overnight on board


Nile Cruise (Edfu – Kom Ombo Temples)

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

The tour today starts with the remarkable Temple; the best preserved temples in Egypt: Edfu Temple.  The temple is well known with the best preserved scenes and  inscriptions of the Sacred Drama favor the conflict between goddess  Horus and Seth. The temple is the best preserved temple in Egypt despite many wall scenes had been razed by the early radical Christians fighting the pagan religions. You must not miss the breastfeeding scene in the  interior walls of Edfu temple, Hourse temple, Edfu Tempe, Nilometer ).

Afterwards back to the cruise with your guide to sail to Kom Ombo while having your Lunch, Once you arrive,  get ready to visit Kom Ombo Temple. The double temple of Kom Ombo dates back to the Graeco-Roman period and It was dedicated to Sobek and Horus gods.

The temple conclude sanctuary for god Sobek the crocodile god to protect this area from the Nile crocodiles and other ferocious animals. Continue sailing to Aswan. Relax and enjoy dinner as you watching the fascinating views of the Nile. Overnight in Cruise


Nile Cruise – Aswan

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

After breakfast, Free Day time to follow your own ideas.

( It is suggested that you take Abu Simble private excretion ) Departures by A/C Vehicle to Abu Simbel visit the Temple of Abu Simbel back to Aswan, The colossal Temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramses II (XIXth. Dynasty) and lately saved from inundation of the Nile waters in among the glories of ancient Egyptian monuments.

The temple was built out of a sandstone rock cliff, and representation of the deities carved on its huge façade. Nearby, also saved, lies the small Temple of the King’s wife Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Then back to Aswan ( 140$ per person ) Relax and enjoy dinner.

Overnight in Cruise in Aswan.


Back to Cairo

Breakfast - Lunch

After breakfast, you will be guided to spend a Day in Aswan .The first stop of the day will be at High Dam then head to Temple of Philae, which was rebuilt on Aggilica Island after the construction on the high Dam. The temple was devoted to the two goddesses Isis and Hathor,

Your final stop will be visit the Unfinished Obelisk, which shows how the Pharaohs constructed the magnificent Obelisks. Say goodbye to Aswan and upper Egypt,  then you will make your way to  Aswan Domestic Airport accompanied with our representative.

After arrive at Cairo Airport, you will move  straight to your hotel in Cairo with our representative . Overnight in Cairo.


Departure Day - Cairo


After breakfast, and getting a real flavor of Egypt’s history and the daily life for a week, it is time for your adventure in Egypt to come to an end. Our tour escort will be waiting for you at Hotel lobby and he will take you to Cairo Airport for Final Departure and he will assist you with immigration and customs.

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