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Egyptian Cuisine most famous dishes in Egypt

Egyptian Cuisine most famous dishes in Egypt

Egyptian Cuisine

Each country in the world has to be famous of at least on dish but when it comes to Egypt you will find many dishes you can enjoy it all this dishes cover pretty much all tastes whether you are vegetarian or carnivore at the Egyptian cuisine you will find all goodies and much more . barbequed meat , stuffed fried pigeons or grilled pigeons and verity of another dishes we just going to highlight the most famous dishes if you try to taste any you won’t regret this spectacular experience matter fact you will be addicted to it

What is the most famous dishes in Egypt ?


One of the main dishes in Egypt the Egyptians eat this dish on a daily basis

This dish is a carp complex consist of ( Pasta – spiced rice – Homos – fired onion – Lentils – garlic sauce and hot sauce ) All this ingredients come in one tasty dish


You can call it a vegetarian fired burger consist if ( mashed bean and vegetables ) and the Egyptians eat it pretty much every day on Breakfast or Dinner


A unique consist of rice or meat warped in cabbage leaves or stuffed in Aubergine , colored pepper , Zucchini or grape tree leaves

Rice with mike you can add ice cream on top of it

Mashabek :

consist of flour , sugar and yeast mixed with each other and fried

Zalabia : this dish is famous all over the middle east but it taste different in Egypt

baking powder , flour , yeast , sugar syrup and its fried not baked can be served with white or dark chocolate , sugar powder or nuts on top of it

For sure the Egyptian Cuisine got a lot of great dishes and local desserts as well one article you need to try it yourself.

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