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Egypt tour packages from australia

Egypt Tour Package from Australia

Egypt day tours offer the best tours to Egypt from Australia. We have the expertise and the skills to make your trip from Australia to Egypt an unforgettable experience. This is why we have been receiving a large number of tours’ requests lately from Australians who wish to explore the land of the Nile and have a superb vacation. With our experience dealing with Australian clients and fulfilling all their requirements, we make their dream come true to visit all the treasure Egypt has to offer!

You don’t need to go on with your search for the finest travel services from Australia to Egypt. We provide a large variety of tours to Egypt from Australia that would be appropriate to all kinds of budges, from economic to luxurious, and all kinds of tastes, including beach holidays, cultural journey, a desert adventure, Nile Cruise, or a magical mix between them!

Come Discover the Wondrous Magic of Egypt

Explore the Marvels and Uniqueness of Egypt !

Egypt has a lot to offer to tourists coming from Australia, and all over the globe indeed. There are numerous interesting historical sites to visit and many interesting activities to do. The problem is that many travelers who visit Egypt from Australia would usually miss some of the attractions and excitements that they wouldn’t wish they miss.

In fact, Egypt offers much much more than ancient pyramids and Pharaonic temples. Nevertheless, it’s hard, for a tourist to identify which monuments he wishes to explore in Egypt, especially if it’s his first trip or if he is not familiar with the country.

This the reason why we designed a great variety of tour packages from Australia to Egypt. Most of these tours are based on the remarks we received from our former clients who live in Australia and enjoyed their holidays in Egypt with the use of our services.

A large number of our tour packages are centered around Egypt. Nevertheless, we have a wide scope of perfectly designed tours that would combine two wonderful destinations in the Middle East. These tours would include, for example, Egypt and Jordon, Egypt and Dubai, Egypt and Turkey, or the wonderful mix we excel between multiple destinations.

When you have your magnificent vacations with us, your journey towards wonders begin as you board the Cairo International Airport. Our long experienced and talented tour operators would be warmly welcoming you. We would then be riding in one of our modern comfortable vehicle to the hotel you chose. We check in to get ready for an amazing holiday in Egypt.

Most Egypt tours from Australia include at least two nights in Cairo, during which time you’ll get to see all the most famous sights, including:

A large number of travel packages from Australia to Egypt would begin by exploring the wonders of Cairo, the Egyptian capital and one of the most interesting cities in the world. The most popular monuments among Australians who visit Egypt in Cairo include the Pyramids of Giza, the Step Pyramids in Saqqara, Khan El Khalili touristic market, and the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

What Other Places Australians are Keen to Visit in Egypt?

Almost all tours going to Egypt from Australia would also include exploring the wonders of the ancient Egyptian civilization in Luxor and Aswan, located in the Southern section of the country. Luxor, or ancient Thebes, served as the capital of Egypt for centuries in ancient times. Its most fascinating monuments include the Temple of Karnak, the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings, and the Colossi of Memnon.

The major highlights of Aswan tourists visiting Egypt from Australia would be interested in include the Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the High Dam.

We have to point out here that these are only among the most popular monuments among Australians who visit Egypt. We offer other packages and packages’ extensions. These would include visiting Alexandria, the Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea and other marvelous city on the shores of the Red Sea like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. We offer a wide variety of Egypt tour packages from Australia. However, we also have the abilities and expertise to offer personalized and tailored tours to cover the requirements and needs of all travelers.

Australian Citizens’ Requirements to Visit Egypt

It is magnificent that Australian Passport holders can now simply submit their request for a visa to Egypt online, or through the Egyptian Embassy or Consulates.  They can also obtain their visas upon arrival.

Types of Visas to Egypt

  • Single entry E-Visa: It gives the traveler the opportunity to visit Egypt for less than 60 days with one entry only.
  • Multiple entry E-Visa: It gives the traveler the opportunity to visit Egypt for less than 90 days with multiple entries as well.
  • Upon Arrival Visa: It gives the traveler the opportunity to visit Egypt for less than 30 days with one entry only.
  • Visas from the Embassy or Consulate: It gives the traveler the opportunity to visit Egypt for a period that ranges from 60 to 90 days according to the period he applies for. These visas can either be single or multiple entries.
  • The Single and Multiple Bossiness Visa

Australian Passport holders can enter the wonderful Sinai Peninsula and stay there for less than 15 days without any visas through a free permission you get in Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, or Saint Catherine. However, if travelers intend to stay longer or visit other regions in Egypt, they have to obtain a visa.

When are the Best Times to Visit Egypt from Australia?

Due to the nice weather of the land of the Nile, it would be great, to visit Egypt at any season around the year. We offer distinctive travel packages to Egypt from Australia all year long. However, during the summer, we offer travel packages that would include Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan, or vice versa, and beach resorts’ holidays. This is because sometimes, it might get really hot in Egypt. The best recommended periods include from September to the middle of May.

Safety Advises While in Egypt

Egypt is in fact one of the safest destinations around the world. However, there are some risks travelling all over the globe. Some general advises are always beneficial.

  • It is good to preserve your valuable belongings in safe boxes, commonly present in almost all hotels and resorts
  • Avoid very crowded areas and very isolated places
  • Our tour guides would be always there to assist you in each and every step you take during your trip in Egypt.

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