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Egypt Location Egypt an ancient country connecting northeast Africa with the rest of the Middle East, has long been a popular tourist destination. Egypt is located on the Gulf of Suez and bordering the Mediterranean Sea, dates back to the era of the legendary pharaohs, from the 15th to the seventh centuries B.C. Millions of […]
Where to Stay when you Visit Cairo ? If you’re planning to spend a night in Cairo, Egypt, then there are a number of options that can help you save money and time. Egypt day tours Consultant will help you to find the best place you can stay when you visit Cairo.   Cairo has […]
Egyptian Cuisine most famous dishes in Egypt Egyptian Cuisine Each country in the world has to be famous of at least on dish but when it comes to Egypt you will find many dishes you can enjoy it all this dishes cover pretty much all tastes whether you are vegetarian or carnivore at the Egyptian […]
What to Buy in Egypt as souvenirs ? You will Get the best answer for this question with Egypt day tours today When it comes to shopping no one dislike like it we all love shopping but it’s different in Egypt because in Egypt you will find many of hand made products made by locals […]

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