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Egyptian Museum in Cairo The Egyptian museum in Cairo is perhaps the most important museum in the whole world for Egyptology and archeological discoveries from Egypt. The museum contains 42 rooms and it expresses the history of ancient Egypt starting from Old Kingdom until Christian and Islamic Era. The museum also houses the treasures found […]
Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx Giza Pyramids is by no doubt the most famous attraction in the whole of Egypt. It has actually become a synonymous of Egypt. The three pyramids of Cheops, Khefren and Menkaurius have always surprised and astonished visitors for decades. The three pyramids were built only during the 4th dynasty of […]
Step Pyramid of Sakkara One of the most important archeological attractions in Egypt is the Step pyramid of Saqqara. Althought it may not as famous as the pyramids of Giza, but sakkara pyramid was the first pyramid ever bilt in Egypt. It is therefore, the cornerstone of the development of pyramid building. The step pyramid […]
Memphis City tour from Cairo, Memphis city Ruins Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom. It was the place where many pharaohs lived and ruled the whole country. It also remained as an important city until the rise of Christianity. Memphis is located in the south of the nile river delta […]
Nile Dinner Cruise in Cairo A wonderful way to enjoy Cairo night life is to have a nile cruise dinner. Enjoy the evening and night life of Cairo while you are sailing on the river nile, watching the life and lights on both banks. This two hours sailing trip includes and open buffet dinner which […]
Pyramids Sounds and Light Show in Giza The Great Pyramids sound and Light Show is an amazing chance to see the Pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinus illuminated at night. It is a sound and light show with laser light display where you will know alot of information about the history of ancient Egypt and […]

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