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A Journey to the Pyramids of Egypt

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A Journey to the Pyramids of Egypt

The north-eastern African country, Egypt remains astoundingly associable with its pyramids. Home to the ancient Egyptian civilization, this country – obviously- is an amalgam of the diverse remnants including hieroglyphs, temples, and mummies. However, the most enduring of them all is its pyramids. So, here’s what we will do in the course of the post today. We will walk you through the most well-known pyramids of the country. So read on. Here’s our journey through the pyramids in Egypt.


The Great Pyramids of Cheops: Everything that you need to know about them

 Leading the pack of iconic structures in the country –of course – are the Great Pyramids of Cheops. Not anything less than a thumping assertion of architectural prowess. Consisting of huge limestone block

Cairo over day from Hurghada by bus

s, the edifice stands a whopping 144 meters high and has stood there for thousands of years without even moving an inch. If you are traveling to Egypt anytime soon you should watch out for the eight other pyramids in the complex together with the Sphinx.

Before delving into the nuances of the other important pyramids of the country, do let us tell you that the development or rather the “birth” of these structures has often been related to bizarre claims since centuries now. For instance, The Great Pyramid has long been linked to curses, Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Pyramid Power, Martian faces, Nazca, Biblical Prophecy and what not!

The absurdity of such claims actually earned the theorists the title of “pyramidiots”. With the more logical explanations ruling out such possibilities—the world – at large—came to know that the Egyptians had an undeniable sense of Mathematics. The pyramids are a result of sheer manpower and the Egyptians’ calculative brilliance. That explains why those quarried blocks were hauled to the main site and placed with such precision. Besides, the ones that we have already learned about here’s a rundown of the other pyramids.


The Pyramids of Dahshour: Your Wondrous Journey Continues

The Pyramids of Dahshour are a must-see if you’re in Cairo. Dahshour is primarily a wide-open desert and home to two of the most notable pyramids of Egypt – The Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid – both established at around 2600 BC and often attributed to Snorfu. Both these pyramids are not really as high as that of the Great Pyramids of Cheops – but do remember that they’re still are over a hundred meters high! What more? They don’t really enjoy as much popularity as the Pyramids of Giza. Once in this area, you can actually go on to witness the majestic monuments from all the four sides. You can enter the Red Pyramid to witness the splendor that the interiors have to offer.


The pyramids of Giza: What can you expect here?


Even before delving into details of what these pyramids have to offer you, do remember that you need to visit this place as early as possible. As the day progresses, it gets hotter with the sun reaching its peak. You need to pay something around 100LE in order to enter the burial chambers. In fact, 100 LE is required for the biggest chamber and 30 LE for the smaller one. You need to pay around 60LE in order to secure an entry to the Pyramid complex itself.


Tourists are not really allowed to carry cameras inside. The Pyramid of Khafre remains the most complex unit among all the pyramids of Giza. Standing at 136 m, this pyramid actually appears larger than the Pyramid of Khufu in spite of the fact that it is actually tinier. It was only in March 1818 that Belzoni entered here.

The Pyramid of Menkaure or Micernius is located in the southern part of the complex. It remains the smallest edifice here and was built between the years 2533 and 2505 BC. It was Menkaure’s son who completed the structure. The edge of the sloping plateau is where this one stands.


What should you remember?


One of the important factors that you need to educate yourself about are the guided tours. Yes. You just cannot really embark on a tour without really acquainting yourself about the fact that every tour guide out there will try to scam you — at least most of them will. Please make sure that you’re on your strongest guard against such practices.

So, what exactly can you do in order to steer clear of such problems? Make sure you’re asking the hotel about the entry fee before venturing out on these trips. They might as well go on to guide you in accordance and help you avoid such untoward experiences.

Please make sure that you are educating yourself more about these places in a bid to extract as much information as is possible. A very useful bet in this regard would be to read up personal experiences of tourists in these places. These experiences can actually go on to offer you a more practical picture of what exactly you can expect in these places. Please make sure that you are being guided duly in this regard. Hope this primer has been able to help you substantially as well.

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